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Did you receive a difficult letter? Is it hard to follow? Use (Dutch for “understanding the letter”)

Use your mobile phone to send a picture of your letter to get it explained.

This is how you send a letter

This is how you receive a reply

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Frequently asked questions

1. What kind of letters can I send?

Any letter you don’t understand. Which is different for each person. Examples:


2. Why do I have to fill in a phone number?

After you have sent the letter with your phone, the employee of the Sociaal Loket (Social Service Point) will call you. Then you can explain what you don’t understand about the letter.

3. Who will help me with my letter?

Snap de Brief will forward your letter to affiliated organisations. At this moment these are:

Gemeente Amsterdam

Sociaal Loket

Your letter will be read by a professional who helps people with difficult letters.

4. Can I choose who will be helping me?

No. Snap de Brief will send your letter to an employee of the Sociaal Loket (Social Service Point) who is available at that moment.

5. How soon will I get a reply?

As soon as possible, mostly within one workday. The Sociaal Loket (Social Service Point) is available from Monday to Friday.

You can send your letter on Saturday and Sunday, but in that case you will be called on Monday.

6. What languages are spoken by Snap de Brief?

Dutch and English.

7. Is my information safe?

Yes, any information you send is safe.

8. Who can send a letter to Snap de Brief?

All citizens of the City of Amsterdam.

9. Can I download Snap de Brief?

Snap de Brief is a website. You don’t have to download anything yourself. You can add to your favorites or home screen as a shortcut.

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